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fire safety

Together, we play a crucial role in ensuring the (fire) safety of society

Firepacks Group is a technical, international group of companies dedicated to fire fighting applications. The roots of Firepacks Group trace back to the Netherlands, where WB Firepacks originated. Operating under the principle of “Think Global, Act Local,” we have expanded our presence internationally, with branches now established in Germany, France, and the United States. The Firepacks Group is pivotal in enhancing the (fire) safety standards of society, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the safety of tomorrow.

Within our industry, we excel as experts in diverse markets, ranging from renovating fire pumps to installing foam applications at fuel transfer locations. The organizations within the Firepacks Group possess extensive knowledge of sprinkler, foam, and water mist solutions.



Water mist

Beyond our existing solutions, we are actively engaged in shaping the safety landscape of the future. Collaboratively, as a group, we are dedicated to various innovations. Sustainability holds a prominent place in today’s society, and we address this by both extending the lifespan of installations and minimizing emissions from applications. Our ongoing projects include the development of an autonomous pump room, Firecoach, and alternative drives such as batterypacks and H2O.

All the organizations within the Firepacks Group

WB Firepacks

WB Firepacks develops, produces, tests, installs, repairs and maintains Firepacks: diesel engine and electric motor-driven pump sets for fire-extinguishing systems. So we are committed, on a daily basis, with the essence of fire protection. Everything in and around the pump chamber – the heart of the installation – is given our express attention. We supply our Firepacks to sprinkler installers and to end users across the Netherlands and Europe.

Fire Lion Global

Manufacturer of packaged systems Fire Lion Global. The name itself implies strength and a bright bet for nothing but the best! The lion is the king of the jungle and Fire Lion Gloabl is the world king of the manufacture of foam pumps. Flammable liquids and special dangers are worldwide care. Fire Lion deleivers the best foam pumps and foam pump systems and prides on the requirements of the customer to surpass from all corners and parts of the world.

Firepacks France

The launch of a new organization with a focus on fire safety in France is a fact. After having been active in France for several years, it is now possible to collaborate even more intensively with our customers through a new entity: Firepacks France. With a permanent office in France, Firepacks France is closer to its customers and the service level can be taken to a higher level.

HSA Firepacks

HSA Firepacks is your partner in the installation of diesel engines and electric motor-driven pump sets for fire-extinguishing systems. They have been active on the German market since 2016. With the growth of the organization, the focus of the organization is now expanding to Eastern Europe as well.

We work within this group according to the “Think Global, Act Local” principle.

Lumipol Group

Firepacks Group and her entities are part of Lumipol; an umbrella organisation of a number of international operating technological and innovative companies. The common denominator: Powering the world.